Promoting the growth of the scientific potential and research activities of Korea and Russia


  • Conducting and supporting scientific events for the exchange of knowledge between scientists and researchers
  • Performing representative functions of the National Research Fund at Russian events
  • Promote the expansion of short-term human resource exchange projects


Conducting research and services on a free basis for the development of cooperative relations


  • Publication of open survey studies to indicate promising areas for cooperation between Russia and Korea
  • Search and organization of meetings with representatives of Russian scientific and educational institutions on request
  • Search and organization of meetings with researchers and scientists for the purpose of encouraging joint research


Promotion of scientific and technological development of Korea and Russia


  • Creation of a platform for interaction between Russian and Korean experts in various fields of science and technology
  • Full-scale performance of technology request matching and company recruitment using experts in science and engineering
  • Local support for sectoral and regional intergovernmental meetings and activities of intergovernmental international organizations



Contrubuition to the development of Korea-Russia
collaborative research in science and technology


Korea Russia Science and Technology Cooperation Center created
Korea-Russia Joint Optic Research Center created
Korea-Russia Joint Resources Research Center created
Korea-Russia Joint Powder Material Research Center created
Korea-Russia Joint Aeronautic Materials Research Center created
Korea-Russia Joint Energy Research Center created
Korea-Russia Joint Aerospace Research Center created
Agreement between Korea and Russia on Science and Technology
Establishment of Korea-Russia diplomatic relations

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