November 22 Daily S&T Trendletter

Date: 22.11.2023

  • The Arctic Scientific and Educational Center has created the first batch of diamond plates with the specified parameters


Arkhangelsk has created the first experimental batch of 25 single-crystal artificial diamond plates with specified parameters. In 2022, a laboratory was opened in SAFU, where monocrystalline diamond plates with various defects, including the so-called NV centers, are studied. The next stage is the development of standards for single crystal diamond plates.
Source: TASS

  • A robot has been created in Russia to clean the hulls of ships and marine structures


According to the authors of the development – scientists of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University – the project will have a positive impact on the operational qualities of water bodies and will help protect the waters from the appearance of alien organisms there. The Russian robot differs from its foreign counterparts in operating conditions: it consumes less energy, and can also work directly on the raid.
Source: RIA

  • The Ministry of Digital Development now uses Russian software for work


The project to migrate the information system to a new platform was carried out by Red Soft (developer of Red OS) with the support of the Voskhod Research Institute. The registry of Russian software runs on a Russian OS built on Linux
Source: CNews

  • Beshtau smartphones are planned to be manufactured in the Rostov region


The plant for the production of smartphones and tablets will be operational by 2027 – by that time it will already have a direct competitor in Kaliningrad. GC “Beshtau” is known primarily as a manufacturer of monitors, input devices (keyboards and mice), as well as full-size system units and nettops
Source: CNews

  • The supervisory authority Roszdravnadzor suspended the use of a medical system with AI


We are talking about a system of analyses Botkin.AI , which allows doctors to detect pathology on CT scans. The agency considered that the development, created at the expense of investments from a pool of venture funds, including Rosatom, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, R-Pharm, Tashira, could “harm the health” of patients.
Source: Kommersant