November 16 Daily S&T Trendletter

Date: 16.11.2023

  • An unparalleled installation for improving the microclimate in the premises was developed at the engineering school of the Union state


Kirill Nesterov, a student of the advanced engineering school, has developed a system for improving the microclimate in apartment buildings based on the Rank-Hilsch vortex effect, which allows buildings to be heated without additional heat sources. The development was carried out on the basis of the Advanced Engineering School (ПИШ) of the Union State of Russia and Belarus, which includes Pskov State University and the Belarusian National Technical University
Source: TASS


  • Business will be able to use quantum computers in 3-5 years – an interview with a representative of the Russian Quantum Center.


A revolutionary breakthrough related to quantum technologies is brewing in working with data. Russia already has the competence to transmit information. In the future – information detection and quantum computing. Russia is also developing an original technology for scaling quantum processors, which consists in “expanding qubits”.
Source: CNews


  • A system for collecting data on UAVs without the use of transponders has been created in Russia


Russian developers from the Aeroscript center have created a system for connecting drones to a digital flight control platform without the help of special transmitting devices — transponders. This will improve the safety and efficiency of operations with drones. This is now available thanks to a specially designed protocol family
Source: CNews


  • Kazakhstan, China, Belarus, Brazil and India are the most attractive countries to promote Russian IT, according to the study


In particular, we are talking about software, micro- and radio electronics, IT project management models are. This is stated in the report of the ANO “Digital Economy” – To compile this rating, they used an index that includes ten different indicators, including the degree of economic integration with the Russian Federation, the availability of demand for digital platforms and solutions, indices of economic freedom and digital maturity.
Source: Kommersant


  • Russian cosmonaut to land on the moon from 2031 to 2040


The roadmap, according to which the first landing of Russian cosmonauts on the surface of a natural satellite of the Earth is planned from 2031 to 2040, as well as the creation of lunar base modules and a manned lunar rover, was presented by Vladimir Solovyov, General designer of the rocket and Space Corporation Energia, within the framework of the conference “Manned Space Flights”. It is also expected to build a lunar base, create equipment for drilling and excavation, experimental mining and production complexes, as well as an astrophysical observatory.
Source: IZ