November 2 Daily S&T Trendletter

Date: 02.11.2023

  • Tomsk Polytechnic University has developed an automatic scientific complex for the needs of hydrogen energy


The complex allows to determine with high accuracy the ability of different materials to retain and release hydrogen, which is important for creating a new type of storage materials, the press service of the university said. The development was carried out with the support of the program of the Ministry of Education and Science “Priority 2030”.
Source: TASS


  • Russian authorities will stop allocating grants to IT developers in favor of other support measures

According to the results of the audit, the Ministry of Digital Development will refuse grant support to IT developers: the state often lacks expertise for the correct selection of grant recipients. As a result, Russia will be left with 2 support mechanisms – preferential lending and targeted financing for import substitution developments of foreign products.
Source: CNews


  • Russia will start producing material that is critically necessary for the production of microchips


In Russia, by the end of 2025, the production of compound, the material necessary for the production of microelectronics, should be launched. To do this, the Ministry of Industry and Trade ordered three research projects worth 770 million rubles.
Source: CNews


  • The exhibition “Decade of Science and Technology” will open in Moscow on November 4


On National Unity Day, a special exposition will open on the territory of VDNH within the framework of the International Exhibition-Forum “Russia”, which will be attended by leading Russian universities and research institutes, as well as technology companies. The purpose of the exhibition is to tell the guests about the achievements and prospects of Russian science and to involve the younger generation in the field of research and development. The exhibition will be open until April 4, 2024.
Source: nauka.rf


  • Russian mathematicians are developing a new method of finding people lost in the forest using drones


Instead of visual and thermal visual surveillance devices, drones are equipped with an acoustic system, the analysis of the audio signal is conducted in real time using markers characteristic of the human voice
Source: IZ