November 29 Daily S&T Trendletter

Date: 29.11.2023

  • “Russia-Korea Dialogue”, St. Petersburg State University and the Association of Leading Universities of Russia held the X Forum of Rectors of Leading Universities of Russia and Korea


This year’s topic was the training of professional personnel, effective tools for cooperation between educational organizations, industry and business, as well as higher education reforms. More than 40 representatives of universities of the two countries took part in the event.
Source: Russia-Korea Dialogue


  • The first launch of the Angara launch vehicle from the Vostochny cosmodrome may take place in the first quarter of 2024.


The launch complex for launch vehicles of the Angara family will allow the implementation of programs for the exploration of the Solar System and space beyond its borders on the East. The Angara family of launch vehicles includes modular launch vehicles of various payload capacities.
Source: TASS


  • In Russia, UAV now can be controlled with the power of thought


The developers of the company “Neurobotics” linked the drone with the NeuroPlay neurointerface. The Geoscan Pioneer Mini drone has been officially confirmed as a copter that can be controlled via the NeuroPlay neurointerface, as indicated on the Neurobotics website. The python script communicates with the drone and creates an http server, which is accessed by the NeuroPlayPro application.
Source: CNews


  • Comparison of GPS and GLONASS systems


GLONASS and GPS appeared in the USSR and the USA in the middle of the last century. After decades, these initially military developments became available to almost every inhabitant of the planet. The editorial staff of the CNews media presented an overview of the systems and their advantages.
Source: CNews


  • The Minister of Education of Russia invited rectors to withdraw from the Bologna process


In May 2023, the Ministry of Education and Science announced the rejection of the Bologna system and the creation of its own “unique” model of higher education. Officials proposed to abandon bachelor’s and master’s degrees in favor of two new levels of education — basic and specialized higher. The Ministry of Education and Science believes that the concept of reform has been built, and now rectors should support it.
Source: Kommersant