November 27 Daily S&T Trendletter

Date: 27.11.2023

  • Putin considers it impossible to ban the development of artificial intelligence


“I am convinced that the future is not behind the prohibitions of technology development. It is simply impossible, it is impossible to ban it, anyway [technologies] will develop. If we ban something, [they] will develop elsewhere,” the head of state said.
Source: TASS


  • RBC together with Rosatom named the most promising scientific initiatives of Russian researchers


New materials, quantum neural networks and controlled thermonuclear fusion — RBC and Rosatom has compiled a list of the most interesting scientific initiatives of Russian scientists in recent years
Source: RBC


  • The authorities want to combine all the surveillance cameras in Russia into one system


The Ministry of Digital Development has proposed to create a single centralized platform for storing and processing information of all urban video surveillance systems in Russia. Currently, only half of the cameras installed at the expense of the state are connected to regional centralized systems. And the authorities have no access to private cameras at all.
Source: CNews


  • Putin instructed to provide scientists with access to supercomputers


Scientists engaged in scientific and practical activities in the field of artificial intelligence should have access to supercomputers, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the AI Journey conference
Source: TASS


  • The Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS), in cooperation with Norilsk Nickel, has developed an integral method for assessing ecosystems near factories


It can be used to assess both pollution and biological diversity. It is expected to be published in an international scientific journal. Cooperation between SB RAS and Norilsk Nickel began in 2020, the research will form the basis of the corporate system for managing the impact on biodiversity and developing programs for its conservation and monitoring by Norilsk Nickel.
Source: TASS