Weekly Trendletter 2024 – 2 (01.24)

Date: 24.01.2024

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Korea-Russia Science and Technology Cooperation Center strives to provide timely and up-to-date Russian science and technology information and to cooperate with both countries in science and technology.

As part of this effort, we publish weekly science and technology trends on science, technology and innovation in Russia.

We pick the relevant articles, summarize it and add context, so it makes more than just translation. We hope, that such materials will provide the best insights on Russian ST&I for you.


The following are included in the weekly Science and technology trends for the second week of January:


  • Moscow University of Physics and Technology(MPTI) Launches 12-qubit Superconducting Quantum Processor
  • Technology start-up team at Sechenov University developed a multi-device for micro-movement rehabilitation using drones



  • Russian University intends to use AI to combat cheating in exams
  • Russian’ Digital Ecosystem ‘ Trend Analysis : 5 Big Companies Launch 67 New Services over 2 years



  • The government supports 11.3 billion rubles in the purchase of research equipment
  • The government plans to allocate additional funding for the development of UAV production


International Cooperation

  • ‘Korean Student Club’ has been launched, a community of Korean international students in Russia


S&T Talent training

  • Number of Russian freshmen studying at U.S. universities reduced


Industry Insights

  • Three digital transformation experts in Russian enterprises profiles – Sber, MTS and Tinkoff