October 24 Dailly S&T Trendletter

Date: 24.10.2023

  • A new isotope was synthesized in the JINR Nuclear Reactions Laboratory


Scientists have recorded one event of the formation of a previously unknown isotope livermorium-288, the press service of the institute reported
Source: TASS


  • Russian scientists have proposed a method for simultaneous utilization of carbon dioxide and the production of metal oxide powders


The process is highly energy efficient, and the resulting powders can be used to produce high-quality ceramics for a wide range of tasks. The results are published in the journal Ceramics International.
Source: RIA


  • The Russian software market has grown despite the departure of Western IT companies


According to the Russoft Association, the software market in Russia in dollar terms increased by 8.8% to $16.56 billion. Analysts of the association refer to the strengthening of the ruble against the dollar in 2022, without naming the exact exchange rate values.
Source: CNews


  • How data helps to create industrial facilities of Norilsk Nickel


Digital solutions can reduce the costs of an industrial company during the construction of facilities by 20%. RBC interviewed experts from Norilsk Nickel, who told how the construction of the future will look like
Source: RBK


  • The Russian authorities intend to create a new model of a “university abroad”


Such a model “will unite the strongest educational programs of different universities that are in demand in a particular country,” said Konstantin Mogilevsky, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education. Currently, 44 branches of Russian universities have been opened abroad, of which only 32 actually conduct educational activities
Source: poisk.news