Monthly report: December

Category: monthly
Date: 29.12.2023

KORUSTEC always strives to provide up-to-date information about Russian science and technology. As part of this effort, we publish monthly Russian science and technology trends every month. We also cover the information about the status of Russia in the field of Korean national strategic technology (according to ‘National Strategic Technology Nurture Plan’). In October, we compiled the data on the “Development status of Russia in the Artificial Intelligence field”.

We strive to identify possible points for Korea-Russia collaborations. 
We hope that the materials we publish will be useful for you and your colleagues.



Report contents

  • Russian S&T policy Trends
    Review of the latest advancements in science, technology and innovation state regulation for the month


  • Russian R&D Trends
    Review of the latest inventions, scientific and industrial advancements for the month


  • Technology Commercialization Trends
    Review on how technology developments are being handeled: latest news on stakeholders and mechanisms


  • Special focus 1: Organization profile
    Status of Russian State Space Corporation ‘Roscosmos’


  • Special focus 2: Report on Space industry
    Complex overview of the state of particular technology field in Russia, including policy support mechanisms, main institutions and science indicators


※ Our center also provides free information services for Korean scientists. In case you need analytics on Russian S&T please contact us by email.