[Bauman Moscow State Technical University] Conference ХLIII ACADEMIC READINGS ON COSMONAUTICS

  • 2018-11-30
  • 86

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) invite students to Academic Space Conference XLI that will take place from 24 to 27 January 2017 in Moscow, Russia.

BMSTU offer various formats: plenary and panel sessions, roundtable talk with the representatives from research, education, authorities and business, presentations and exhibitions.

The conference will cover the following issues:

·         Scientific heritage of the space research pioneers and the aerospace design schools;

·         Fundamental and specialized issues of space research;

·         Space research solving the social, economic and strategic problems;

·         Space research and the Humanities;

·         History of space research and space engineering.


Students of any University who currently have research papers or student research papers (“NIRS”) are invited to participate.

Deadline to sending abstracts : Before the 5th of December

For more information : 


- Arina Shvetsova (arinawushu@gmail.com)


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