July 12, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-07-12
  • 71

1. On July 8, 2021, an online meeting was held between representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences with representatives of the Russian Research Institute of Huawei. As further steps of cooperation, the parties agreed to work out the issues of concluding a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation, as well as to consider the possibility of holding joint international scientific events.



2. RUDN University scientists, together with colleagues from Switzerland, have proven the effectiveness of a new dosage form - an amorphous solid dispersion - in a clinical trial. This is the first such study in humans to show the mechanism of action of this form of drug release. In the long term, it will help increase the effectiveness of drugs and use new active ingredients for treatment.



3. Scientists of the SFedU Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience have developed an experimental model to study the signaling mechanisms of survival and death of neurons and glial cells under the influence of stress. The material for the analysis was an ordinary crayfish.



4. Military Space Academy. AF Mozhaisky and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University have developed an ionic electric engine, which in the future can be used for deep space exploration. The project is based on an effective and promising technology for gas ionization in a vacuum using porous membranes.



5. New 5 world-class scientific and educational centers have been selected. Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov took part in a meeting of the Council of Scientific and Educational Centers, which was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko and Aide to the President of Russia Andrei Fursenko.



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