July 9, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-07-09
  • 82

1. The Russian Ministry of Education and Science will allocate 1.8 billion rubles for the creation of new youth laboratories. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia is collecting applications from subordinate organizations to create new laboratories under the guidance of young, promising researchers within the framework of the Science and Universities national project. Support measures are designed for 2021-2023.



2. The project and educational intensive for startups in the field of new technologies ‘Archipelago 2121’ will be held from July 21 to August 10 in Veliky Novgorod.



3. Biologists from Skoltech, the Institute of Developmental Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Kiev National University have discovered promising compounds for creating drugs for liver fibrosis. These substances in cell culture inhibited the synthesis of hyaluronate - the main component of connective tissue.



4. Some multilayer semiconductors have the unusual property of asymmetric conductivity. Now scientists have figured out exactly where this effect occurs. It turned out that it originates only at a special boundary between solid layers of a semiconductor, which differ in electronic properties.



5. The first drops from space as part of the test of the parachute system for the promising Russian spacecraft "Eagle" are planned by Roskosmos in 2024. Now the stage of creation of prototypes is underway.



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