June 21, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-06-21
  • 106

1. Material scientists from Moscow State University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have developed a fast method for producing epsilon iron oxide and demonstrated its promising potential for use in new-generation communication devices. Its outstanding magnetic properties make it one of the most desirable materials, for example for next generation 6G communications devices and highly reliable magnetic recorders.



2. Researchers at the educational and scientific and technological laboratory of polymer nanocomposite technology at the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) are developing biocomposite medical devices based on biodegradable and biocompatible polydacticide material.



3. Scientists at Skoltech and Saratov State University have developed a simple and easily reproducible single cell marking system that allows tracking the behavior and movement of individual cells when solving problems that require maximum accuracy. Professor of Skoltech and Queen Mary University of London Gleb Sukhorukov and his colleagues decided to use polymeric multilayer microcapsules instead of marker proteins, which can be absorbed by many cells, remaining inside them for several days.



4. A unique method for the synthesis of multigraphene films at room temperature was created by the research team of NUST MISIS. This will make it possible to apply multigraphene to the surface of low-melting metal powders to create qualitatively new 3D composites. For this, researchers carried out the electrochemical deposition of graphene from a weak solution of sulfuric acid with the addition of sucrose. When graphene was deposited on silumin powder, the solution temperature did not exceed 25-30°C.



5. The spacecraft, which will be able to collect nanoscale objects of extraterrestrial origin in the vicinity of libration points (the point at which the forces of attraction of the Sun and the planet are balanced) of the planets of the solar system, was developed at the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin.



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