May 26, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-05-26
  • 177

1. A group of scientists from the Faculty of Mathematics of Chelyabinsk State University is developing high-precision methods for reconstructing a three-dimensional environment so that robots can see more clearly and accurately. Methods of pairwise alignment of point clouds in algorithms developed by mathematicians of ChelSU will increase the likelihood of correct reconstruction of a three-dimensional environment in difficult conditions.



2. The joint venture ‘Quantum Technologies’, which is part of the Rosatom structure, became a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The agreement on joining the Cluster of Advanced Industrial Technologies was signed within the framework of the international technology conference Startup Village 2021.



3. The inventors of the Novosibirsk company Elron have created a ‘smart watch’ - the SleepControl device, which allows you to monitor the driver's condition and prevent falling asleep while driving. Now the company is working on a new design of both the device itself in the form of a watch and an additional unit supplied for transport companies. In 2021, the plan is to pilot the devices and possibly have limited market entry.



4. Scientists from ITMO University have created a cheap and easy-to-manufacture, highly sensitive and fast-acting terahertz radiation sensor(detector) based on thermoelectric films. The developers are confident that the invention will find application in the field of defense, medicine, IT and other areas. The development of the Russian team is thin thermoelectric films based on bismuth(Bi) with different concentrations of antimony(Sb), which are distinguished by increased sensitivity to terahertz radiation.



5. Young researchers from the Perm Polytechnic University have developed a prototype of a robot trainer that will help visitors to fitness clubs and sports grounds to perform physical exercises. The team's partner was the Severnaya Korona company, which provided assistance in the development. According to the researchers, the product will be of interest to sports complexes and homeowners' associations for installation on sports grounds.



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