September 18, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2019-09-18
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1. In terms of the Russian Science Foundation grant, employees of several Russian institutes developed and published the concept of a nuclear fusion reactor which uses plasma as a source of neutrons. This concept allows the use of thorium that is easier to control than uranium. 

Source: https://nauka.tass.ru/nauka/6891452


2. Russian geneticists urge the Ministry of Health to introduce a moratorium on genome editing until certain regulations on working with human embryos are developed and until experts prove the safety of such procedure. The genome editing is a very promising technology that can be used to treat genetic and oncological diseases. However, editing the embryo genome can lead to serious consequences according to Mr. Sergey Kuntsev, the Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Source: https:  //nauka.tass.ru/nauka/6893855


3. Employees of several Russian institutes developed and published a nuclear fusion reactor concept, which uses plasma as a source of neutrons. 

Source: http://rscf.ru/ru/node/yaderno-termoyadernyy-reaktor


4.  KASI institute to launch four satellites in 2021. The institute developed an innovative concept of a multi satellite mission. The program includes four seize 6U (12 kg) nanosatellites that will be launched into a polar orbit. Its scientific purpose is to research fine structures, high energy electrons, background plasma temperature.

Source: https://www.roscosmos.ru/26810/


5. The new version of the legislation about the Skolkovo innovation center that came into effect last month opens a new page for the Skolkovo Foundation, but at the same time imposes additional obligations according to Mr. Viktor Vekselberg, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Skolkovo Foundation. The Chairman added that among other things it will help increase the number of participants in the project.

Source: http://sk.ru/news/b/news/archive/2019/09/17/v-vekselberg-obnovlennyy-zakon-o-skolkovo-pridast-novoe-kachestvo-proektu.aspx



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