2018 Young Scientists Future Forum Information

  • 2018-04-11
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2018 Young Scientist Future Forum Information



In celebration of the Science Month, National Research Foundation of Korea, National Science and Technology Research Association, Korea Industrial Technology Association, and Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation will join their efforts to host the 2018 Young Scientists Future Forum.


This forum through presentations, discussions and other projects that correspond to the level of young scientists will provide a wide range of information to the young people who will lead the science and technology of Korea.


Forum topic: Young scientists are the future!

* Forum Date: April 26, 2018 13:30 ~ 17:00

* Venue: Korea Research Foundation Daejeon Government Complex

* Invited subjects: Young researchers (graduate students, POSDAC, etc.)

* Sponsorship: Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communication 

* For more detailed information please check the website


Thank you for your interest and participation.


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