KAIST Global IT Technology Program: Admission Notification for 2018 Fall Semester

  • 2018-04-10
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Global IT Technology Program(ITTP) at KAIST, one of the best received government scholarship programs for next ICT leaders in developing countries, is looking for applicants for 2018 Fall semester.     

ITTP Program offers a customized degree courses both in master and doctorate programs for government officials, professors in national universities, researchers or experts in national institutions in IT fields. Selected students will receive scholarships, up to 2 years for master’s students and up to 3 years for doctor’s students, living cost and airfare.


○ Programs&Scholarships

1) Global IT Technology Program Scholarship 

- KAIST Global IT Technology Program(ITTP), sponsored by the Korean Ministry of  ICT and Science, offers a customized master`s and doctoral degree program for government officials in the IT fields of developing countires. Starting from 2006 with an aim to build global network of IT Leaders around the world, it focuses on transferring advanced technologies and business strategies of Korea to the global IT leaders of the next generation. 

- Financial Support(Master`s Degree: up to 2 years/Doctorate: up to 3 years) 

  *Tuition fee 

  *One-way airfare(Economy Class, Max KRW 1,500,000)

  *Living cost(KRW 1,500,000 per month)

  *National medical insurance

  *Relocation expenses

    (1,000 Korean won=approximately 0.9 US dollars(as of 2017)) 



○ Qualifications of Applicants

1) Global IT Technology Program Scholarship: Government officials, employees of public institutions or senior level researchers at national research institutes working in the ICT related fields in developing countries.


 * Employees from private institutions cannot apply.

- Educational Background: A bachelor`s or master`s degree in the ICT-related area

- English Proficiency: TOEFL(iBT 83, PBT 560, CBT 220), IELTS 6.5, TEPS 599, TOEIC 720 or higher 

* English Proficiency test should have been taken within 2 years from the deadline of the online application

* English Proficiency test can be replaced by English phone interview with ITTP director.  


○ Degrees

1) Ph.D course 

- Doctor of Philosophy in Information and Telecommunication Technology(Engineering/Management)  

2) MS course 

- Master of Science in Information and Telecommunication Technology(Engineering)

- Master of Arts in Information and Telecommunication Technology(Management)


○ Admission Sechedule   

- On-line application: March 27th,2018 - April 17th,2018   

- Document submission by post: By April 24th,2018 

- Arrival check of submitted documents: April 9th,2018 ~ April 24th,2018   

- Application review: May 10th,2018 ~ June 11th,2018   

- Admissions notification: 5:00 p.m, June 22nd,2018  

* The timeline is based on local time in South Korea  


For application and more detailed information please check the website







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