[NRF] Global Research Network Seoul 2020 to go virtual

  • 2020-12-07
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Organized by National Research Foundation of Korea and sponsored by Ministry of Science & ICT in Korea, ‘Global Research Network Seoul 2020(GRNS2020)’ Conference is to be held virtually online this year.


The goal of Global Research Network Seoul 2020 is to provide opportunities for our post/current BP/KRF fellows from all over the world to come together and foster collaboration and networking among the more than 500 BP & KRF awardees since 2018.

To initiate, pre-Networking will be begin from 1st to 14th December, 2020, and our main event of GRNS2020 is 15th-16th December, 2020. All sessions will be LIVE you can freely participate in any sessions you like by accessing GRNS2020 official website - www.grns2020.or.kr

The following is to give you details on pre-networking and GRNS2020 main event :


[1. Virtual Exhibition OPEN(1st-16th December, 2020)]


GRNS2020 Virtual Exhibition is NOW OPEN! You can go to ‘Virtual Exhibition’ to have a look at our Fellow Researchers’ performances. The Exhibition is divided into five different S&T research areas under two Programs(Brain Pool(BP) and Korea Research Fellowship(KRF)) Bio&Medical, Engineering, ICT Convergence, Life Science and Natural Sciences. You may build network with the BP/KRF Fellows by leaving questions about the posters or even collecting their name cards. The attached ‘Use Guide for Virtual Exhibition’ will help you fully enjoy the Exhibition.


[2. Please Vote for the Most Attractive Research(1st-7th December, 2020)]

You can vote up to 5 research posters you are interested per day during one week simply click the heart shaped button below the poster! Please note that the TOP 2 selected posters* will be presented at the ‘Sharing Excellent Research’ Session! *Presenters will soon to be notified.


[3. Do you want to know more about Speakers for Each Session?]

You should check Speakers’ Profile for each session to better understand about their presentation. Under each profile, you may also leave comments and questions and the speakers will answer you at each session. Any questions on presentations/programs/life in Korea etc. are truly welcome!


[4. Do you want to get some help with job-seeking in Korea?]

You should visit career development counseling session and check counselors’ Profile to find out some know-hows on getting promising positions related to your fields! You may also leave comments and questions under each profile, and the counselors will answer you at the session. Any questions on career development(job-seeking) in Korea are welcome.


[5. Researchers Matching System(RMS)]

For Career Development Counseling Session in GRNS2020 and job-seeking in Korea, we would like to introduce our new recruitment platform called 'Researchers Matching System(RMS)'. On the RMS, you could register your account and find some recruitment notices of research institutes in Korea you may be interested at(http://bpkrf.nrf.re.kr).


For any inquiries on the following please contact us.


- GRNS2020 Conference : Ms. Seon Ah Lee (salee@nrf.re.kr)

- Researchers Matching Systems(RMS) : Ms. Joohye Nam (joohyenam@nrf.re.kr)



1. GRNS2020 Program.
2. Use Guide for Virtual Exhibition.


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