July 6, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2018-07-06
  • 106

1. Banks in Russia will be able to conduct operations based on blockсhain technology in 2019. The Bank of Russia is preparing a legislative base for the use of blockchain technology in settlements in 2018, which will speed up operations and reduce the costs of credit institutions, Russian Media Izvestia reported recently.



2. Representatives of the Roscosmos State Corporation and the Chinese National Space Administration have held a meeting of the Russian-Chinese sub-working group on cooperation in the field of remote sensing of the Earth. The event took place in frames of the preparation for the 19th meeting of the Russian-Chinese subcommittee for cooperation in the field of space.



3. Russians have taken the third place in international competitions in robotics. The team of the Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, that represented Russia in the friendly robotics competitions of the CoSpace League in Montreal, Canada, managed to take the third place.



4. Russian scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Moscow State University have developed an ultraviolet radar for detecting space debris from the International Space Station (ISS), it was reported by the Russian national report on the results of fundamental space research in Russia, that will be presented at a meeting of the International Space Research Committee.



5. MIPT scientists have found a way to increase the efficiency of organic solar cells by several times by adding fluorine atoms to their composition.



6. New positions of deputy ministers for digital development will appear in the key Russian ministries. This is what the minister digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov said at the conference "Digital Economy: A Breakthrough in the Future" at Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation.



7. The Russian Academy of Sciences will take an active part in the implementation of the innovative scientific and technological center "Michurinsky Valley” in the Tambov region, declared the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev.

http://www.ras.ru/news/shownews.aspx?id=c5794a56-36d9-4f47-b690-929f035bbadb # content


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