June 1, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2018-06-01
  • 110

1. Anatoly Petrukovich, Head of the Department of Space Plasma Physics, has been elected as the new head of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SRI RAS).


2. Russian and Indian scientists intend to conduct joint research of the Arctic. This was reported by TASS citing the director of the N. Zubov State Oceanographic Institute Yuri Sychev, who has arrived in India as part of the Russian scientific delegation. «We intend to establish full-scale cooperation with India in the Arctic, from the Indian side - the Ministry of Earth Sciences, and from the Russian side - the Russian Academy of Sciences», Sychev said.


3. The Quantum Consortium is starting to implement the "physical" part of the project to create a multi-qubit quantum computer, VEB Innovations told RIA Novosti. "The start of the project will be phased: at the moment, the "physical" part is being launched, which is planned to be implemented on the basis of the Lomonosov Moscow State University with the participation of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Automation, the Physical and Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and others with the support of FPR," the company representative said.



4. The Siberian chemist has received the European Academy Award for the study of zeolite catalysts for the conversion of methane. Zeolites modified with metals can be used to convert methane to other chemically useful substances - for the results of research in this direction the scientist employee has been awared by the Russian Club of the European Academy for Young Scientists of Russia.



5. Russian businessman and investor Sergei Solonin has invested 220 million rubles in IT-fund Skolkovo-Venture Investments. The signing of the agreement took place at the Skolkovo Innovation Center, the largest startup in Russia and the CIS for Startup Village startups.



6. Head of Rosatom and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan have held talks in Tashkent. At the meeting, the parties discussed issues of Russian-Uzbek cooperation in the field of using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, in particular, details of the development of long-term high-technology ties and promising joint projects.



7. Skolkovo plans to expand cooperation with the RAS institutes. The Skolkovo Innovation Center is planning a very close cooperation with the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, primarily in the field of agrobiotechnology.



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