April 27, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2018-04-27
  • 126
1. Chat-bot will help to prepare for the USE
In the official community of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in the social network "VKontakte", dedicated to the unified state exam, a chat bot was launched. With the help of automatic service, subscribers of the group will be able to get answers to 48 questions in 11 categories. The robot will help to find out the schedule of the Unified State Examination, the procedure for filing an appeal and will tell pupils what to do if they miss the exam.
2. Scientists are studying ways of spreading of the pest that destroys crops
Federal Research Center of the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center RAS together with foreign colleagues made a forecast for the spread of a small scoop - an agricultural pest that destroys corn, cotton, soybeans, beet, tomato and cabbage.
The results of the research have been published in the Journal of Pest Science.
3. The three clusters of the Baikal-GVD Baikal deep-sea neutrino telescope started their work
The members of the international scientific collaboration "Baikal" report that on April 10, 2018, as a result of joint research, development, production and installation work during the expedition to Lake Baikal from February 20 to April 12, 2018, the third cluster of the Baikal-GVD deep-sea neutrino telescope of cubic meter scale was installed. Also, the necessary regulatory work was carried out to eliminate the identified shortcomings on two previously installed clusters, and all three clusters were combined into a single data collection and processing system.
4. The SSTD pilot region’s model implementation presented in Tomsk
In Tomsk on April 25, a plenary session "Target Model of the Pilot Region of the Strategy for Scientific and Technical Development" was held. Tomsk and Russian organizations and companies presented their goals within the framework of the "pilot" in the implementation of the Strategy for Scientific and Technical Development in the region.
5. EXOMARS. The first photographs of the CaSSIS equipment
Orbital module TGO of the Russian-European mission "ExoMars" transferred the first images of the Red Planet, made from the working orbit. The European scientific equipment CaSSIS (Color and Stereo Surface Imaging System) during the calibration period on April 20 made an amazing photo showing a part of Korolev crater. The picture shows a segment of a crater with an ice cover on a rocky ridge. Basic research using CaSSIS equipment will begin on April 28.
6. RVC focuses venture instruments on NTI tasks
As part of the renewal of the investment strategy, Russian Venture Company is expanding the interaction of the projects of the National Technological Initiative and venture funds.
In addition to creating new funds for investment in the markets of the National Technology Initiative, RVC will integrate NTI projects into the pipelines of existing venture capital funds, including those created with the participation of RVC capital. The first step in the solution of this task was a large-scale presentation of NTI projects for venture investors.


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