March 5, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2018-03-05
  • 128

1. On March 2, the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation O. Vasilyeva has visited Penza district. During the working visit, the Minister inspected the first in Penza children's technopark "Quantorium NEL".



2. On March 1, a meeting with the government delegation of the Republic of Cuba has been held at the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. It was headed by Danilo Alonso Mederos, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment of the Republic of Cuba. Foreign colleagues were received by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation G. Trubnikov. During the meeting, the sides noted the positive dynamics of interaction in the field of science and technology and discussed the organization of the third meeting of the Russian-Cuban Working Group on Cooperation in Science, Technology and the Environment in Havana.



3. The final extended meeting of the Council for the Earth's Hydrosphere of the FASO Russia has been held at the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations, within the framework of which the third conference has been held on the topic: "Results of expeditionary research on scientific vessels of the Russian FASO."



4. Putin: technological weakness creates the risk of losing sovereignty. The president underscored the need to overcome legislative limitations that hamper the development of the most relevant and promising knowledge and technologies: "In the shortest time, we need to create an advanced legislative framework, remove all barriers for the development and wide application of robotics, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles, electronic commerce, processing technologies large data. "



5. RVC launches an additional selection of eight STI Competence Centers. Until 2020, the state support for the Centers will be allocated 7.8 billion rubles. The program of state support of the Competence Centers of the National Technological Initiative (STI) was launched in 2017. Its goal is to overcome technological barriers to achieve the leadership of Russian companies in the global STI markets.



6. Rosatom has approved a "roadmap" for the implementation of the branch program TCM NC. On February 28, the State Corporation "Rosatom" hosted the Strategic Session on the topic: "Report on TCM NC Program (Integrated Management of Strategic Assets, Costs and Terms of Construction of Facilities) for 2017 and Clarification of Tasks for 2018".



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