February 5, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2018-02-05
  • 95

1.Teachers and managers of centers working with gifted children will be trained at educational center “Sirius” in Sochi. Previously, a conference on gifted children and  youth has been hold at “Sirius” under support of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.



2. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has discussed the draft law "On scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities in the Russian Federation".



3.  Tomsk scientists will teach drone to assess the condition of ecosystems. The software will be based on automatic algorithms for recognizing vegetation types from their images  taken by air drones.



4. Specialists of the Roscosmos enterprises at the Baikonur cosmodrome have completed  operations to refuel the Progress-MS-08 transport cargo vehicle with fuel components  and compressed gases at the filling station.



5. The Rosatom atomic icebreaker "Taimyr" came to travelers’ aid. Six volunteers have gone on an expedition from Norilsk to Dixon to set a world record: to get to the most northern continental city in the world riding offroadsters.



6. Specialists of the Russian Center for Arctic’s Development plan to organize within  the current year more than 50 expeditions. The surveys’ one of the directions would be further studies of pastures in the Yamalo-Nenets Region.



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