January 12, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2018-01-12
  • 96

1. Russia and Cuba will strengthen scientific and technological cooperation in the fields of space, astronomy and nanotechnology. A delegation of the Russian Federation and the Basic Research Foundation will visit Cuba in May.
* Source: Russian Ministry of Education and Science
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2. The young researchers of the Arctic Federal University, the Moscow International Relations University, and the Association for the Scientific Research of the Sakha Republic carried out a joint research project on the development and revitalization of the Arctic region and published the Arctic Strategy 18-24-35.
* Source: CSR


3. Started joint research on prevention of pollution progress of Volga River and transport infrastructure, industry, and agricultural development in the surrounding area at Russia's Semester Ward, Russian Academy of Sciences, Meteorological Office and Moscow State University.
* Source: FASO


4. Biologists at the Moscow State University Institute have successfully synthesized high-purity protein erythrocytes that can promote anemia, cancer and fracture healing, and will use it for development of new implant materials.
* Source: Russian Science Foundation


5. The project is funded by the Infrastructure and Education Program Fund of the Los Nano and the Israeli Innovation Agency to cooperate with the R & D project for high-tech industry and nanotechnology.
* Source: Russian Venture Foundation


6. The Skolkovo Foundation has appointed three research institutes in Novosibirsk Academy Park, Yekaterinburg Technopark and Chilabinsky IT Park as the first Regional Operation Innovation Center and will promote the development of innovative companies in the local community.
* Source: Skolkovo Foundation



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