January 10, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2018-01-10
  • 107

1. The results of the preliminary results of the research results of the research institutes belonging to the research institutes of the Russian Federation were delivered to the research institute. The result of the evaluation will be forwarded to the Russian Academy of Sciences and used as a basis for the research institute coordination.
* Source: FASO


2. The Russian Academy of Sciences of Omsk announced that by 2020 it will carry out national priority research projects, including 14 research programs, including agriculture engineering, drug and carbon material synthesis, and regional economic and technological modernization.
* Source: Russian Academy of Sciences


3. Developing non-invasive drugs (drugs that are not affected by skin such as needles or injections) for the treatment of geriatric diseases such as heart disease and atherosclerosis at the Far East Regional Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Inha University, Korea.
* Source: Russian Basic Research Foundation


4. The Russian Venture Foundation established a venture fund with a total budget of RMB1.5 billion and an individual investment of Ruble1.5 billion to realize a national innovation project. The venture fund was launched with big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet and virtual reality The company will invest in the business.
* Source: Russian Venture Foundation


5. Scientific device ACS, FREND, developed by the Russian Academy of Sciences Academy Space Research Institute, will be installed in the 'ExoMars-2016' orbit research equipment launched in 2016 in the spring of 2018.
* Source: Roscosmos


6. The Russian Fundamental Research Foundation and Finnish anthropologists will conduct joint research on the governments, industries and civil society of industrial cities in the Russian and Finnish Arctic regions.
* Source: Tass


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