December 28, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-12-28
  • 103

1. At the 25th anniversary of the founding foundation of the Russian Basic Research Foundation, a report on the budget execution report for 2017 and a budget execution plan for 2018 was announced, and more than 90,000 researchers were participating in more than 60 projects a year.
* Source: Russian Basic Research Foundation


2. At the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Chemical and Chemical Technology has developed a new method for synthesizing magnetic materials used in microwave technology, and its contents are published in the journal Science 'Materials Science and Engineering'.
* Source: FASO


3. Nergo Marsh (liquid rocket engine manufacturer), a subsidiary of Roscosmos, reports on the production results in 2017 and the export performance to partner companies such as the United States.
* Source: Roscosmos


4. Six small robot telescopes have been installed at the Russian Academy of Sciences Astrophysical Observation Research Institute located in the Czech Republic of Karacha, Cherkesia, Russia and will be used for magnetic field and planetary research.
* Source: Russian Science Foundation


5. State-owned enterprise Rosatom announced that it would strengthen its position in the Latin American market by expanding cooperation between Russia and Brazil in the field of nuclear medicine and supplying nuclear materials to Brazil for use in oncology and cardiopulmonary diagnosis procedures.
* Source: Rosatom


6. The Scientists and Standing Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences have issued to President Vladimir Putin a complaint about the legal status of the Russian Academy of Sciences and an open letter about the relationship between the Agency and the Agency for Scientific Instruments of the Russian Federation.
* Source: Tass


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