November 13, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-11-13
  • 47

○ Science and technology related organizations

1. Developed a unique robot system with multi-interface at Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).
* Source: Russian Federation Semester Office http://fano.gov.ru/ru/press-center/card/?id_4=38997


2. Launches the satellite "Kanopus-V" No. 3 and No. 4 for the purpose of monitoring soil surface condition and natural disasters (forest fire, flood, etc.) in the Far East.
* Source: Los Cosmos https://www.roscosmos.ru/24325/


3. At the request of Angola's Ministry of Information and Communication, the satellite "Angosat" is ready for launch and deployed at Baikonur cosmodrome.
* Source: Los Cosmos https://www.roscosmos.com/24323/


4. Developed a new non-destructive test method for materials used in nuclear power plants with diameters less than 6mm at VNIINM of Los Atom.
* Source: Los Atom http://www.rosatom.ru/journalist/news/uchenye-vniinm-razrabotali-novuyu-metodiku-vypolneniya-nerazrushayushchego-kontrolya-dlya-izdeliy-is/


5. The ITMO (National Institute of Information Technology) of Saint Petersburg, supported by the Russian Science Foundation
Research has developed a method to control the properties of ferromagnetic materials through laser radiation.
* Source: The Russian Science Foundation http://www.rscf.ru/ru/node/2645


6. The Russian Strategic Development Center (CSR) initiated the "18-24-35 Future Expert Fostering Strategy" (to train young professionals aged 18-24 to 2035 target) project.
* Source: Strategic Development Center of Russia https://www.csr.ru/news/zapusk-stranitsy-proekta-strategiya-professionalov-budushhego-18-24-35/


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