November 9, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-11-10
  • 55

1. The Scientific Venture Foundation and the Scorcov Foundation will hold a national technology competition. The expected prize money will be about 150 to 200 million rubles (2.8 to 3.7 billion) for each competition.
* Source: Russian Venture Foundation http://www.rvc.ru/press-service/news/company/114775/

2. Scientists at the Tomsk Medical Science Center in Russia have developed drugs that help improve cardiovascular disease with Siberian natural herbs.
* Source: Russia Semester Ward Office http://www.fano.gov.ru/ru/press-center/card/?id_4=38993

3. Alexei Basov was appointed as investment director of the Russian Venture Foundation. We will carry out our mission in investment policy, investment programs and projects in the future.
* Source: Russian Venture Foundation http://www.rvc.ru/press-service/news/company/114348/


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