November 7, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-11-08
  • 44

○ Science and technology related organizations

1. The Russian Ministry of Education and Science held a seminar on the results of the 2017 implementation of the "Russian Federation Science and Technology R & D and Development Prospect" Program, which is being implemented from 2014 to 2020.
* Source: Russian Ministry of Education минобрнауки.рф / пресс-центр / 11375

2. An international science team from Russia and Belarus developed a "membrane" (a membrane of liquid or solid that separates the mixture by selectively passing certain components) that can separate the bullet hydrogen mixture. This membrane can be used in the oil and gas industry.
* Source: Russian Science Foundation http://www.rscf.ru/ru/node/2630


3. An international conference on the theme "Outside the Solar System" was held at the Russian Academy of Sciences Academy of Astronomy for students and young scientists.
* Source: The Russian Science Foundation http://www.rscf.ru/ru/node/2628


○ Science and technology related media

1. An experiment "Sirius" will be held at the Biomedical Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which will be jointly hosted by the US until 2021. The experiment is scheduled for the shortest 17 days in the series, and the remaining experiments are scheduled for 4 months to 1 year. According to the experimental scenario, six crew members will fly to the moon.
* Source: Tass Communication http://tass.ru/kosmos/4706420


2. Russian academics and Armenian President Serz Sargsyan discussed scientific developments with foreign members of the International Academy of Sciences. He said that he focused on the development of physics, mathematics, and nuclear research.
* Source: Leah Communications https://ria.ru/science/20171106/1508273777.html


3. Tomsk State University scientists will develop new composite materials resistant to corrosion, radiation and high temperatures with alloys, chromium-containing steel and metal oxides (vanadium, tungsten hafnium, etc.). This composite material can be used for aircraft and rockets.
* Source: Russian Science Museum


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