October 11, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-10-11
  • 60

1. Scientist Kirenzki of the Institute of Physics has developed an elastic heat absorber "black body". This "black body" can be attached to the human skin by filming, in which the human heat can be converted to a voltage using it as an energy source.
* Source: Russia Semester Ward Office http://www.fano.gov.ru/ru/press-center/card/?id_4=38874

2 Scientists have discovered that the extract of deep-sea comb teeth starfish will stop cancer cell proliferation, and they will use this extract to make cancer drugs.
* Source: Tass Communication http://tass.ru/nauka/4635585

3. Scientists from Northeastern Federal University in Yakutsk, Russia, have registered 450 species of algae on the Arctic Yakuch River.
* Source: TAS Communications hhttp: //tass.ru/nauka/4636421


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