October 06, Daily science and technology tren6s

  • 2017-10-07
  • 57

1. The Russian Academy of Sciences is planning to send a probe each year to study and research the ice shelf of the Arctic Ocean from 2018. The study will be conducted in the following order: Arhangelsk-Vladivostok-Arhangelsk.
  * Source: Tass Communication http://tass.ru/nauka/4624171

2. On October 6, today a festival called "Science 0+" is held in Moscow. This year's theme is "Big Data." Lie detectors, Japanese calligraphy and learning Persian, and model flight demonstrations.
  * Source: Tass Communication http://tass.ru/nauka/4623198

3. A Russian Yakutsk scientist reported that he published a book on how to decipher the characters of the ancient ethnic Yukagir who lived in the northeast of Yakutsk.
  * Source: Tass Communication http://tass.ru/nauka/4623035


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