June 19, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-06-19
  • 74
1.Tomsk Physic Specialists Prepare the Large Hadron Collider for New Speeds

Designer: Tomsk polytechnic university
Project: Re-new of the existing and creation of the new, reliable the Large Hadron Collider diamond detectors
Reason: CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) is planning to improve Collider proton beam efficiency in ten times
Note: Tomsk physic specialists will also take part in safety system BCML (Beam Condition Monitor Leakage) modernization


2.Bacteria will Help Doctors. Scientists of the Irkutsk State University Discovered New Antibiotics.

Discoverers: the Irkutsk State University, Science research institute of biology
Project: Bacteria study that live in depth of the Baikal water – crustaceans
Advantage of Bacteria: synthesize fundamentally new antibiotics, unknown in pharmacology, thanks to which the copepods cope with infections
Notes: the projects has an application for RSF grant; recently the Irkutsk State University scientists have gained a grant of 
the Ministry of Education and Sciences of RF (15 million rubles) in the sphere of ecology


3.The Center for the Creation of Parts for the World’s First International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) 
have Started Work at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of SB RAS

Meeting: Work visit to Novosibirsk
Person: Mikhail Kotyukov, Head of the Federal Agency of Science Organizations
Event: Launch of the new technological center for building details for the world first international thermonuclear experimental reactor
Note: Equipment which is received for ITER is not only for home projects realization but also for the large innovation projects
which are made in the interest of different organizations (first of all for ROSATOM)



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