June 15, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-06-15
  • 84
1.Investment Projects in the Arctic into Special Control

Meeting: Government commission on the questions of the Arctic development meeting
Person: D.O.Rogozin, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Government
Decision made: To coordinate investment projects work in the Arctic
Current action: Editing the government program “About Social-economic Development of the Arctic zone”


2.Sonda Technologies Represented a New System of Identification by Fingerprints

Inventing company: Sonda Technologies – is a portfolio company of the venture foundation S-Group Ventures, established with the RVC asset
Advantages of invention: High level of identification, high speed of comparison, the biggest fingerprints sample code length
Proof: Fingerprint Verification Competition victory


3.FASO Russia has Improved Science Organizations Financing for Almost 10 Billion Rubles

Source: Natalia Sibiriakova, the Head of the Finance-Economic Division of FASO Russia
Current situation: Project of mending the law of Federal budget 2017-2019 is at the State Duma of Russian Federation consideration
Note: Significant part of the budget will be for the science workers salary increase. In the boundaries of President RF Order №597
 more than 6 billion rubles will be given.



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