June 14, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-06-14
  • 74
1.Ministry of Education and Sciences of Russia has Discussed Estimation Questions of Science Organizations Activity Efficiency

Date: 13 June 2017
Event: Interagency committee meeting on the estimation of science organizations activity efficiency
Participants: G.V.Trubnikov, Deputy Minister of Education and Sciences RF; S.Yu.Matveev, Director of Science and Technology Department
During the meeting the following data has been mentioned: in period from 2014 till 2015 the quantity of science organizations has improved on 7 %.
Total: 1640
FASO Russia: 708
Ministry of Education and Sciences: 308


2.Tomsk Scientists Have Created Robot-Scout Sustainable To Poisons and Radiation for the Arctic

Place: Tomsk State University
Aim: device is for potentially dangerous infected subjects and territories estimation
Advantages: can be operated manually and autonomously; infrared camera possession; high level of maneuverability;
 GPS navigation system possession


3.Laureate of the National Award: Achievements of the Medical Science of Russia is Recognized in the Whole World

Source: Laureate of National Award 2016, Deputy Director for science-experimental work Siberian Federal Biomedical 
Research Centre n.a. Academician Meshalkin Evgeniy Pokushalov
Statement: Russian medical science became “such an advanced strategic branch, as a strong professional army and
 developed diversified economy”
Source: Director of the Institute of surgery n.a. Vishnevskiy Amiran Revishvili
Statement: leading arrhythmia research schools of Moscow and Novosibirsk is active for 20 years. Engineers, biophysics, 
mathematicians and programmers have participated in the researches.



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