May 25, Daily science and technology trends

  • 2017-05-27
  • 133
1.On the Website of the Ministry of Education of Russia the “Gobar” has Started its Work

“Gobar” is a part of the e-government infrastructure and provides quick navigation between the Internet websites of 
government agencies, as well as the search of necessary and reliable information on the websites of Federal,
 regional authorities and local authorities.

Source :


2.MIPT has Developed Nanofilms for Memory of New Type

Elaborators: Scientists from the Center of Collactive Usage MIPT
Elaboration: have learned to control the concentration of oxygen in the oxide films of tantalum produced by atomic layer deposition
Outcome: Such coatings can be the basis for creating new forms of non-volatile memory.

Source : http://www.rscf.ru/ru/node/2329

3.Moscow Held a Seminar of FASO of Russia and IBM

FASO specialists and IBM participate in a joint seminar “Management of science activity and its results.” 
In his welcoming speech the Deputy head of the FASO Russia Sergey Kuzmin said that the seminar was organized 
in the framework of the Memorandum of cooperation between the FASO of Russia and IBM.

Source : http://www.fano.gov.ru/ru/press-center/card/?id_4=38108


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