June 23, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2022-06-23
  • 24

1. Physicists have determined the conditions under which spherical particles begin to scatter light predominantly in two lateral directions, as a result of which the scattering pattern becomes shaped like a dumbbell. It turned out that for this it is necessary to act with microwaves on spheroid dielectric particles with a high refractive index. The proposed approach will help develop highly sensitive nanoantennas and lasers, as well as detectors of dust grains in space.



2. The government submitted to the State Duma a draft law on the creation of a Russian mobile application store, which will be mandatory pre-installed on technical devices.



3. Tomsk scientists have created a mathematical model that will help optimize the synthesis of complex chemical compounds. It will allow not only to find the optimal modes for obtaining expensive composites that will find application in mechanical engineering, energy, and the chemical industry, but also to make significant progress in the creation of a new macrokinetic theory. The development was carried out by researchers from the Tomsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch (TNTs SB) RAS.



4. A device that can move a nuclear power plant for laying out electrical power and interface cables has been developed in the Russian Federation. An application for a patent distributed by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property was filed by the Russian Ministry of Defense.



5. The Federation Council approved the bill amending the law ‘On Science and State Science and Technology Policy’. It will consolidate at the legislative level the provisions on a unified state information system for accounting for civilian research and development, and also establish the legal basis for the creation and maintenance of a new information system - the Unified Register of Recipients of State Support for Innovation Activities.



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