June 15, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2022-06-15
  • 34

1. Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University have found out how the microstructure and properties of nanosized multilayer coatings with alternating layers of zirconium and niobium change after proton irradiation. The data obtained as a result of theoretical and experimental studies will help in the development of composites for nuclear energy that are resistant to hydrogen and radiation damage.



2. The revised draft of the Federal Space Program provides for the priority of financing the Russian satellite constellation. In the near future, Roscosmos will send the document to the government. This was announced on Wednesday, June 15, in the press service of the state corporation.



3. SberAutoTech, the developer of unmanned and smart Sber vehicles, will conduct open testing of its own unmanned vehicles during the days of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.



4. InnoChain is the first completely Russian blockchain with open source, cryptography and support for smart contracts. The InnoChain platform was developed by specialists from the leading research center in the field of distributed registry systems of Innopolis University, and Aeroflot has already started using it in its projects.



5. The Russian telescope ART-XC, installed at the Spektr-RG observatory, after turning off the German telescope eROSITA, continues to map the Milky Way, at the moment the satellite has explored more than a quarter of the galaxy using an updated program. This was announced by Roscosmos in its official telegram channel.



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