June 30, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-06-30
  • 82

1. Russian scientists have begun developing the first DNA printer in Russia, which can be used in medicine, pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry, and the agricultural sector. Researchers from the Tomsk State University, the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics are participating in the work on the project.



2. Russian scientists have created a highly efficient catalyst for the purification of petroleum products from sulfur impurities. It acts on the basis of powders of calcium phosphates and hydrogen peroxide and is able to completely purify oil products from organosulfur compounds. The new catalyst is also much cheaper and safer than analogs using alumina and platinum.



3. Scientists of the Institute of Catalysis of the SB RAS are working on the creation of new technologies for the hydroconversion of heavy oils and their components - they propose to replace gaseous hydrogen in such processes with alcohols using nickel-cobalt metal catalysts. This solution will simplify the processes of catalytic hydrotreating and increase their efficiency.



4. In a new work, researchers from the Russian Quantum Center and NUST MISIS Alexei Ustinov and Ilya Besedin and their colleagues tried to find traces of the existence of doubloons in the operation of a quantum simulator of 11 superconducting qubits. Physicists call doubloons hypothetical quasiparticles, which are a pair of photons.



5. Skoltech researchers and their colleagues from Russia and the UK investigated the safety and efficacy of new chemistry in antisense oligonucleotides used to treat spinal muscular atrophy(SMA), a debilitating genetic disease. Their results may lead to the development of drugs with less toxicity and fewer injections needed thanks to prolonged action.



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