June 29, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-06-29
  • 81

1. The power grid company Rosseti, the state corporation Rosatom and the automaker Kamaz have agreed to cooperate in expanding the use of electric transport in Russia. The corresponding trilateral agreement was signed during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.



2. Roscosmos at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 will demonstrate the layout of the newest Earth observation satellite Resurs-PM, follows from the materials of the state corporation posted on the public procurement website.



3. Researchers from the Siberian Federal University and the V.I. L.V. Kirensk SB RAS studied the effect of alumina nanofibers on the physical and mechanical characteristics of refractory concrete, which is used for the production of crucibles, trays and other equipment of metallurgical plants. The use of nanofibers increases the flexural strength of modified concrete, compressive strength, and thermal resistance.



4. Scientists have developed a substance to better fix the fillings on the teeth. This ‘glue’ consists of natural hydroxyapatite, which is found in an eggshell and imitates the natural tooth tissue by its properties and composition.



5. NKFU students have created a robotic nurse assistant that is able to identify the patient and give him medications prescribed by the doctor, and in the future will perform other functions, including the patient's entertainment. This will reduce the workload of health workers, as well as reduce their personal contact with patients, which is especially important in a pandemic.



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