June 10, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-06-10
  • 140

1. Skolkovo and Roscosmos launched the Digital Accelerator Program, which will support projects in the fields of digital control systems, digital product production and lifecycle management, digital data management systems, digital corporate culture, and digital products and services.



2. Rosatom plans to submit the ‘2030 Nuclear New Technology Development Plan’ to the government in the near future, and the total budget is expected to reach 500 billion rubles.



3. The mayor of St. Petersburg announced that the installation of a 700 km quantum communication line between Moscow and St. Petersburg has been successfully completed, and that safer data communication from cyber attacks will be possible.



4. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernishenko explained that more than 1,200 Russian AI startups will receive support as part of the national project “Digital Economy”.



5.Russia successfully carried out 59th rocket launch on May 28th, thus renewing the record of no accident in Russian space rocket launch.



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