April 7, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-04-07
  • 209

1. At the general meeting of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences(FEB RAS), its chairman Valentin Sergienko stated: funding for scientific research in the region is 3.5 times less than the average for Russia. Another big problem is the aging of the material and technical base. The scientific fleet can also be attributed to outdated equipment. The scientist believes that funding for science in the FEI needs systemic support.



2. Scientists from the South Ural State University have proposed using gallusiate nanotubes as nanocontainers to store corrosion inhibitors for magnesium in them. They selected the optimal conditions for the action of inhibitors and types of nanotubes for effective protection against corrosion.



3. On April 8 at 6 pm, scientists from the Moscow State University's Basic and Applied Space Research School will take part in the discussion ‘In Search of Dark Matter’ at the Moscow State University expert platform ‘Dialogue about the Present and the Future’. Experts will also talk about the latest corpuscular models of dark matter within the Standard Model and beyond, including new exotic particles and primordial black holes formed in the early stages of the evolution of the Universe.



4. The Russian company ‘Cosmo Course’, which planned to build a cosmodrome in the Nizhny Novgorod region and create a suborbital complex for space tourism, will be closed. The reason for the closure is difficulties in coordinating the requirements for the cosmodrome project with the local authorities.



5. Chemists of Tomsk State University, together with colleagues from IPCET SB RAS and Siberian State Medical University, have developed an anti-adhesion material that is superior in efficiency to foreign analogues, but at the same time is 10 times cheaper. Biodegradable films, created by Siberian scientists, not only solve the problem of adhesions, but also reduce the risk of inflammation in the postoperative period.



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