April 5, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-04-05
  • 22

1. More than 7 billion rubles will be invested in the construction of the lead hydrographic vessel designed to operate in the water area of ​​the Northern Sea Route(NSR). Its construction is envisaged by the federal project ‘Northern Sea Route’, the purpose of which is to turn the NSR into a transport corridor of global importance. Commissioning is scheduled for 2024.



2. Scientists from NUST MISIS and the Institute for Problems of Microelectronics Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences(IPTM RAS) have developed a unique technique that can radically improve the properties of porous silicon membranes by applying a graphene coating. To create the coating, they used chemical vapor deposition of alcohol.



3. A group of researchers at ITEB RAS set the task of creating a new special substrate on which accelerated and directed growth of damaged axons - the very processes of nerve cells along which impulses go from the cell body to the organs - would take place. For the first time, scientists from ITEB RAS managed to select a polymer material and fabricate scaffolds consisting of nylon fibers with a diameter of less than 100 nm, which effectively control the growth of neuronal processes.



4. In May, a pilot project on digital mortgages will be launched in Russia, which will be implemented on the Masterchain platform, according to the Association of Russian Banks.



5. The technology of remote control of cells and individual molecules using nanoparticles and a magnetic field was successfully developed by the research team of biochemists at NUST MISIS together with Russian and German colleagues.



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