April 2, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-04-02
  • 225

1. The Skolkovo Foundation and the Industry Accelerator of ROSATOM JSC TVEL-KC are launching the third selection for the joint business accelerator aimed at finding promising technological projects for Rosatom enterprises. The main goal of the business accelerator is to find and promote the best innovative projects in the priority areas of development of non-nuclear businesses of ROSATOM.



2. Tomsk geneticists have identified a convenient model object for studying the process of the formation of chromosomal pathologies. The idea of their work was based on the development of genome editing technology, which was named "molecular scissors" and was awarded the Nobel Prize.



3. The staff of the Korolev Samara University received good news from space. Five years ago, they set an ambitious task - to create space solar batteries from materials available in Russia, while being cheaper than foreign counterparts. As a result, solar cells made of porous silicon have proven themselves to be excellent. The new technology can now be used, for example, for chargers.



4. Russian Railways and the Russian Academy of Sciences have agreed to expand cooperation for sustainable development. In particular, they were talking about the tasks defined by the Long-term Development Program of the Russian Railways Holding until 2025 and providing for environmental efficiency, resource conservation, digital transformation of technologies, development of logistics corridors and the creation of a backbone high-speed rail network in Russia.



5. For the first time in the world, Russian scientists have studied how the energy of a thermonuclear plasma is retained in a new generation spherical tokamak. The experiments have shown that in the Globus-M2 tokamak the plasma stability is higher, the pressure and the efficiency of using the magnetic field increase. This increases the economic productivity of the reactor.



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