March 29, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-03-29
  • 212

1. Russian scientists, together with colleagues from France and Japan, have created artificial intelligence capable of predicting chemical reactions. The creators of the technology coded the chemical reaction in the form of a text string with data on atoms, bonds and a reaction center. After analyzing the data, new lines with chemical processes were generated.



2. Specialists of the Center for Medicinal Chemistry of Togliatti State University(TSMH TSU), in collaboration with colleagues from St. Petersburg State University(SPbSU) and the University of Florence, have developed new carbonic anhydrase inhibitors - substances capable of inhibiting the growth of malignant tumors.



3. Scientists of the Perm Polytechnic Institute have created a neural network model that will allow recognizing the properties of materials from digital images. Artificial intelligence and process automation will help enterprises to quickly and inexpensively produce new materials with unique properties.



4. Institute of Computational Technologies(ICT), Institute of Catalysis named after G.K.Boreskov and Institute of Nuclear Physics(INP) named after G.K. Budker SB RAS will develop a digital twin of the Center for Collective Use ’Siberian Ring Photon Source(SKIF)‘. The purpose of creating a digital twin is to develop solutions and design problems at a new level.



5. Researchers at the RAS Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering have created a new theory that makes it possible to predict the behavior of physical models, including network systems. For example, the method is suitable for electric power systems - they can be synchronized in frequency, phase and voltage, both in normal operation and in emergency conditions.



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