February 12, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2021-02-12
  • 43

1. Scientists at ITMO University are effectively developing the LIMP(laser-induced microplasma) method for glass processing. The LIMP method is implemented on industrial laser systems equipped with fiber laser sources. The controlled formation of nanorelief on the glass surface turns the glass plate into a functional optical element that converts the transmitted laser radiation.



2. Scientists have investigated quantum contacts between conductors in an external oscillating field. They found that for certain types of contacts, with an increase in the frequency of oscillations, the current becomes zero. The results of the study, published in the journal Physical Review B with support from the Russian Science Foundation, may help create new electronic nanoelements.



3. A team of Skoltech researchers has been granted a patent for a method of using neural networks to process remote sensing satellite images. This method, which uses computer vision to segment satellite images, will help make analytics based on remote sensing data faster and more accurate. The new algorithm trains a neural network to recognize boundaries between meaningful segments in a satellite image, for instance, between buildings, roads or forested areas.



4. Scientists from Krasnoyarsk have found a way to fight cancer cells. Double-sided gold-plated nickel nanodiscs can selectively damage cancer cells in the human body using a magnetic field. The efficiency of the nanoscaler becomes higher due to the increase in the duration of the magnetic moment of the nanoparticles.



5. On February 11, the world celebrates the International Day of Women in Science. This holiday was approved by a UN resolution in 2015. Participants of the track "Science" of the "Leaders of Russia" competition tell about their work, breakthrough discoveries and the role of women in modern Russian science.



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