January 13, Daily Science and Technology Trend

  • 2021-01-13
  • 27

1.Moscow State University's National Digital Economy Center and Institute for Information Society Development have developed a draft national standard for the structure and application process of big data, and the related content will be submitted to the Russian Standards Committee after public discussion and reflection of opinions by the end of February.

*Source: Russian Venture Company



2. Scientists from Russia, China and the United States have studied barium hydride through a new high-temperature superconductor experiment through joint research and found a compound that has superconductivity at temperatures below -253 °C, and in the future, it could act as an indoor superconductor. It is expected to contribute greatly to understanding the structure of substances in existence. *Source: Scientific Russia  



3. The Institute of Piezoelectric and Magnetic-Electric Materials at Tomsk Polytechnic University, with large grants from the Russian government, will target gene expression to combat cancer and atherosclerosis, and develop materials that can solve the problem of local inhibition of tissue regeneration and cell growth. 

*Source: Scientific Russia



4. The Russian Science Foundation and the Japan Agency for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries have begun accepting a project contest to support joint research between Russia and Japan. Through this competition, research in the fields of mathematics, computer and systems science, chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, agricultural science, earth, humanities and social sciences, and engineering will be supported, and joint research will be conducted between 2021-2023, and the Russian Science Foundation plans to provide subsidies of 4-7 million rubles annually to carry out the project

*Source: Russian Science Foundation



5. Energia manufactured and patented a hermetic test facility for testing devices in space, and the facility can be studied in a variety of modes, including atmospheric, neutral mode, and outboard pressure mode.

*Source: TASS



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