December 30, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-12-30
  • 46

1. Researchers at Northeastern Federal University announced that they will contribute to the stabilization of the planet's climate and environmental protection by promoting a scientific project to confirm the biogeochemical weathering characteristics of rocks in the Northeastern Arctic of Russia in 2022.



2. The Russian Academy of Sciences announced that the World Ocean Research Center will be established in the Kamchatka region in 2021, focusing on the analysis of marine ecosystems in the Far East.



3. The Russian Prime Minister ordered Moscow State University to allocate 486 million rubles for the establishment and development of the science and technology research center "Vorobyovy Gory" and announced that it will contribute to the development of the Russian innovative science and technology infrastructure.



4. The Russian government has approved the rules for research subsidies conducted in cooperation with foreign institutions as part of bilateral and multilateral scientific and technological cooperation programs, and accordingly it has been found that up to 50 million rubles per year can be supported.



5. Roscosmos reveals that the new Russian light-and-heavy rockets will be launched in 2022-2030 and will be mostly reusable rockets.



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