November 19, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-11-19
  • 24

1.Skolkovo Foundation and IT company Onlanta hold a competition for innovation projects that manage cloud IT infrastructure and provide information security, and the winner will be included in the Onlanta service portfolio and B2B meetings with Onlanta customers.



2. The Russian government decided to use artificial intelligence to monitor the implementation status of national projects, and it is expected to be subdivided into each ministry and state, which is expected to cost about 1 billion rubles.



3. Rosatom has signed a contract with the Turkish government to build the third power plant of the Akyu Nuclear Power Plant Complex, and the first power plant is expected to be operational in 2023



4. Researchers at Moscow University of Science and Technology improved the aluminum 3D printing technology to increase the hardness of the product by 1.5 times. In particular, nano-carbon additives were synthesized using by-products generated during the petroleum gas processing process. It is environmentally friendly and has high hardness which is expected to improve the quality of aerospace composites made by 3D printing.



5. Russian space station pilots have completed external work to prepare the multifunctional laboratory module Nauka for docking, and docking of the module is scheduled to be implemented in April 2021.



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