November 18, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-11-18
  • 25

1.NTI researchers under the Moscow National University are developing a system for analyzing photos and scenes taken by drones and a situation analysis system, and neural networks are expected to automatically learn the data necessary for analysis so that more data can be analyzed in a short time. 



2. “Sotsmedica,” a company in Skolkovo, introduced a system that assists doctors in diagnosis of doctors in Sakhalin state hospitals, and explained that it will suggest appropriate prescriptions to doctors by tracking information on drugs previously prescribed to patients.



3. MOSGAZ, a gas supply company in Moscow, announced that it will automatically record employees' commute by applying a facial recognition system developed by Mascroscop, a company in Skolkovo. Mascroscop's facial recognition system uses deep learning neural networks to accurately recognize even when wearing a scarf, hat, glasses, or mask.



4. Siberian University of Physics and Technology researchers obtained a patent for an implant material that works in the same way as the actual human tissue, and explains that the material is based on titanium nickelide and added titanium powder to obtain elastic behavior and shape memory effect.



5. Research institutes under the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian universities have agreed to form the first consortium in Russia for the development of hydrogen technology called 'Hydrogen Valley', and conduct joint research and technology for hydrogen production, transportation, safe storage and use. 



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