November 16, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-11-16
  • 34

1. Researchers at the National University of Dagestan are researching sensors that detect various antibiotics in the blood, and it is possible to prevent the unprotected drug prescription by recognizing the antibiotics present in the patient's blood before the doctor prescribes antibiotics. 



2.Russian physicists have developed a new type of single photon emitter based on neodymium compounds and colloidal crystals of sulfur, selenium, cadmium and zinc, these single photon emitters greatly speed up the development of safe quantum communication lines and quantum computers. 



3.. The researchers at Samara National University are developing a smart agricultural system focused on small industrial farms, using drones to manage farmland and collect data to monitor what actions are needed. and It will be able to operate ten times more economically than traditional farm operation costs. 



4. Researchers at the Ural Federal University have developed radiation shielding glasses that are three times more effective than before, and they will be able to better protect employees working in nuclear facilities, laboratories and medical centers.



5. Russian astronomical telescope Spektr-RG discovers 10 new galaxies in 2020. In particular, a rare quasar with a redshift of 5.5 was discovered, which made various scientific discoveries such as confirming that it is a huge black hole with a mass of 1 billion times larger than the sun.



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